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I thought this was a fun but cheeky game that takes an interesting look into what it means to have choice as a player (or character) in a video game. I rather enjoyed it, and would love to see you create more games in the future. :) While I don't accept Skelly's reality at the end of the game as it is (and I know you made it that way intentionally by your note to the players at the game's conclusion), I had fun, made a connection with Skelly, and had a great time voicing the dialogue, even despite all your cheeky twists! You're a great story writer Louis, and I recommend this game to anyone who's on the fence about playing it. I mean after all, it's free, so why not? You definitely accomplished what you were trying to go for as far as player choice is concerned, but because Skelly took an uncharacteristic dark turn near the end, I can't give you full points, so my rating of the game is 9/10.

This is honestly so surprising! To get such an in depth and personal take on something I made - made me so so happy! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and even made a video?! I'm actually shocked :) It's so strange seeing someone play it I can't stop smiling. Thanks so much for your kind words, you can be sure I'll be releasing some new stuff soon! 

That makes my heart so happy to hear! I love your narrative game play and I'm thrilled I could make you smile. I can't wait to see what you'll be producing next! :D