A downloadable game for Windows

Max Angelman engages in endless combat with the sinister Dr. Van Pyre, high above the streets of Neon. Compete in a first to 10 fight for justice (or something like that...)

A chaotic, fast paced, 2 player local co-op arcade shooter, designed for gamepads.

Made in 30 hours (minus polish), for the Sheffield Game Jam (ShefJam2).

Louis - Design, Programming, UI, Sfx, post-jam polish

Sam - Programming, Art

Abby - Art

Rebecca - Music


Engine: Unity

Sound: bfxr, Bosca Ceoil

Art: Aseprite

Demoed on xbox one controllers. Will text 360 pads soon. Please run in widescreen.

Install instructions

Download, extract, and run the unity .exe :)


Itch Final Build.7z 12 MB


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